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Jean Buenter – Composition in Purple, Blue and Black


Original Woodblock Print
Numbered 3/3 – Signed in Pencil by the artist and dated [19]57 and annotated with a note of thanks to (?) Rohr.

Condition: Sheet is considerably yellowed and wrinkled. Tape marks in outer corners

Dimensions: 28 X 37 cm

Jean Joseph Bünter

1923 Zürich - 1986 Zumikon

Also known as: Johann Joseph Bünter

The Zurich born artist Jean Buenter studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1948-49) where he came to know Fernand Leger, Othon Friesz and Ossip Zadkine. During those years, was also in close contact with the German expressionist Erich Heckel, whose influence on Buenter is clearly evident in these woodblock prints.

Buenter worked in an astonishingly broad variety of media - oil and tempera painting, fresco, woodcuts, engravings, lithography and brush painting.