The Geneva Revolution of 7-8 October 1846 Place Bel-Air

Revolution de Geneve

For two days in October 1846, the streets of St. Gervais were the site of a revolution led by the liberal Geneva politician James Fazy.  The confrontation left more than 20 dead, and led to the collapse of the conservative local government and the ascension of James Fazy and the radical party of Geneva, and marked a turning point in the modernization of the city.

Text: Vue de la Place Bel-Air et des Ponts-de-L’Ile au moment de la retraite des troupes du Gouvernement
(View of Bel Air and t he Ponts de L’Ile at the moment of the retreat of the government troops.)

Condition:  Significantly soiled and wrinkled sheet as show in these photos, but of great historic interest.

Dimensions: 24 x 37 cm excluding margins