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Portrait of Leonhard Holzhalf (1553-1617) Zurich Buergermeister and Businessman

1679 Portrait of Leonhard Holzhalb by Conrad Meyer

Original Copperplate Engraving

Leonhard Holzhalb (1553-1617) was a Zürich Businessman who became the town mayor (Bürgermeister) in 1609. He negotiated several important agreements between the city of Zurich and France and Italy.

Txt: Dn: Leonhardus Holzhalbius – Illustris Reip. Tigurinae Consul, Archistrate Patria Pater

Conrad Meyer fecit 1679.

Engraving by the well-known Swiss Artist and engraver Conrad Meyer (1618-1689)

Condition: Cut to edge of image and mounted against a second sheet of old paper. Age toning, a few light creases and spots.

Dimensions: 6 X 9.5 inches (15 X 24 cm)