Portrait of Johannes Schulthess, Zurich Theologian and Publisher

Portrait of Johannes Schulthess

Theologian and Publisher (1744-1810)

Texts: ” Dem Verfechter des Lichts, Johannes Schulthess Dr. Theol. – Dankbare Schuler” –

Translation: “Dedicated to the Champion of Enlightenment Johannes Schulthess, Dr. of Theology, by his grateful students”

Lithograph by Brodlmann.

Original Late 18th or Early 19th Century Lithograph of the Swiss Theologian and Publisher Johannes Schulthess.

Schulthess founded a publishing house in Zurich in 1791 in Schlusselgasse to publish school books and theological works. The publishing house still exists today and is known for legal publications and texts.

Condition: The sheet is lightly wrinkled and faintly spotted throughout – but still has a good striking contrast and will look wonderful framed.

Dimensions:33.5 X 26.5 cm