Magnificent Amsterdam Allegory of the Dutch Golden Age

Magnificent Amsterdam

This is the title page of an early 19th century book entitled “The Magnificence of Amsterdam”

Text reads: “La Magnificience de la Ville d’Amsterdam, representee en tailles-douces.

A Leide, chez Pierre Vander Aa.”

Published in Leyden by Peter van der Aa.

Pierre Vander Aa, was a prominent Leyden mapmaker and publisher who was born in 1659 and died in 1733.

Full of fascinating allegories of Amsterdam during the Dutch golden age. Justice blindfolded, with a lion at her feet, holds a spear to the chest of a criminal. Figures fly through the sky, the sword of Cadeusus in hand.

Ships and cases of gold symbolize trade and the age of exploration.


Image measures around 9 X 11 inches
Full sheet measures 14.5 X 12.5 inches