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Women of the Canton of Schwyz in Traditional Bonnets

Women of the Canton of Schwyz – Watercolor

This charming 19th Century watercolor was probably painted by an amateur artist who copied it from a plate in one of the great Swiss costume books.

Many amateur artists made their own copies of these works, and these works. In this case the artist has copied every detail, including the title and plate number at the bottom!

Attached to the back of the frame is a sheet from what was probably the original book that inspired the artist. It describes the costumes of the “Canton de Schwytz.”

The women of Schwyz, according to the text, wear a “Strange bonnet, which is black for maidens and becomes white for married women…. women of the capital charge it with a large quantity of artificial flowers, or pompoms made of silk, usually in bright colors, but in gold and black if they are in mourning…”

Dimensions (including frame):
12 X 14.5