18th CenturyMythology / AllegoryNeoclassical

Vue de l’Areopage d’Athenes – Areopagus, Hill of Ares in Athens

The Areopagus  is a rockhill located northwest of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.  The name derives from “Hill of Ares.  the term Areopagus was also used to refer to the Athenian governing council that met at this location to bring to trial serious cases including homicide, physical assaults and religious matters.  According to myth, Ares, the god of war, was tried by the other gods on the Areopagus for the murder Poseidon’s son.  Text reads “Veue d’Areopage D’Athenes.”

Dimensions: Plate size – 45 x 32 cm  / Sheet: 46.5 x 39

Condition:  Lightly browned antique sheet with light spotting – crease at center (The crease is original to the piece – this would have been a fold out in a book)