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Pariser Moden – Elegant Couple by the Sea – September 19, 1847

Pariser Moden

Published in Ulm, Germany from 1839 to 1848

Each approximately 6.25 X 9.5 inches

Pariser Moden was one of the earliest German fashion magazines. Each fashion plate in the magazine showed the interaction, often a flirtation, of a couple. The attitudes reveal much about the relationship between the sexes during the late Biedermeier period. A set of four or six of these would be a great decor touch in a hallway, bedroom dressing room, or bath.  Each is a hand colored lithograph.

A gentleman with a moustache and a lady in a bonnet stand by a window with a view of ships and the sea.  She wears a beautiful purple gown, and he wears a top hat, checkered pants, an ascot and an elegant Biedermeier jacket.

Dated: September 19, 1847