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Lakeshore Landscape by Johann Robert Schuerch

Elegant lakeshore landscape by Swiss artist Johann Robert Schürch (November 18, 1895 Aarau – May 14, 1941 Ascona).  Elegant oil painting with the muted blended tones of a watercolor.  This region looks to us like Lake Neuchatel or Lake Morat, but we are not certain.

Robert Schurch, who later added the first Johann or Johannes to his first name, was a studio assistant to Ferdinand Hodler in Geneva.  It was Schurch who painted Hodler on his death bed in 1918.  He is considered a representative of Swiss expressionism, together with his friends Fritz Pauli and Ignaz Epper.

Johann Robert Schuerch

Dimensions: 38 x 55 cm
Dimensions in the Frame: 51 x 70