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Idyllic Scene in Front of a German Chalet – The Ages of Man (Sold)

Idyll in the farmyard

Idyll in the Farmyard

Germany, dated 1924.

Charcoal and Pencil sketch painted over with watercolors.

A romantic image of country life from the early 20th Century.

An elderly fiddler plays his instrument, while young lovers flirt in front of a classic black-forest style chalet, a mother plays with her child, goats but heads, and a farmer returns from the fields. We see it as a depiction of the ages of man, from infancy to old age.

The artist’s style – an illustratorly use of outline and soft watercolor – is reminiscent of the Swedish artist Carl Larsson.

Monogramed WT (?) over the door and dated 1924 (see second photo) Artist Unknown

55 X 73 cm not including the frame
(Nearly a meter long in the frame)