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Antique Calendar of Saints Days With Symbols 1806

A calendar of saints’ days from the book “Britannia: or, a chorographical description of the flourishing kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland”  published in 1806 and based on the work of William Camden. This antique copperplate print shows shows all the Saints Days arranged by date and represented by symbols with an index provided at the bottom.

The engraving is based on the historic works of William Camden (1551-1623) who traveled extensively to document the the history of Britain, its institutions and inhabitants dating back to Roman times.  Over the centuries after Camden’s death, translators and naturalists republished elements of the work, including additions and refinements.  This copperplate edition is from an 1806 edition.

The illustration includes symbols defined in the table below and ranging from a circle for the new year, a star for epiphany, different hearts for all the dates associated with the Virgin Mary, a leg for Matthias, a green branch for May Day, a Spear for St. George, a pair of Shoes for St. Crispin, two keys for St. Peter, a wheel for St. Katherine, etc.

Dimensions: 26 x 45 cm

Condition: Light creasing and age toning.

Note: The antique engraving is not framed. The image above is a mockup to illustrate how the work might look with a frame and mat.

Full sheet shown below