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Yves Wacheux – Children Playing in a Park (Sold)

Yves WACHEUX was born on March 26, 1933 in Grand-Fresnay (Oise, France).

Wacheux paints joyous scenes of gardens, children, people at the beach or in the park, or landscapes, as though seen from a window on an exceptionally relaxing vacation.

These are paintings full of the lightness of being. His style is lightly reminiscent of the Nabis.

Wacheux’s works are in the collection of the City of Paris, and his awards and exhibitions include:

1973 Médaille d’or du Salon des Artistes Français
1984 1er prix du concour Gosset
1994 Prix Taiyo Bijutsu Kyokai Japon
1995 Prix Achille Fould-Stirbey de l’Institut de France, Académie des Beaux-Arts
He is listed in the Benezit which describes his works as having a “delicate touch” that is “filled with nostalgia.”

Dimensions: 12.25 X 15.5 inches (31 X 29 cm)