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Watercolor – Costumes of Bern

Costumes of Bern

Costumes of the Canton of Bern

Beautiful Small Watercolor or possibly an outline wood engraving in which all the details have been handpainted. Attributed to the great master of Swiss costume illustration Franz Niklaus Koenig.

Dimensions: 9 x 11 cm (image size)

Mounted on 18 X 23 cm sheet (mounted with a single piece of tape on reverse across the top back of the piece.

On old watermarked wove paper.

On the reverse the following words are written in German, most likely by a previous owner:

“h’stich kol. von Koenig”. = No 3042″ – which we interpret to mean “woodcut handcolored by Koenig”

Examining the work under the magnifying, all the details we can see are painted, although it is possible that the outlines were engraved.