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Swiss Paper Cut Friendship Letter dated 1856

Freundschaftsbrief –  Swiss Folk Art Friendship Letter

Antique Papercut

A beautiful example of an 19th Century “Friendship Letter” – handpainted with delicately paper cut (Scherrenschnitte) details.

Dated 1856

The generic term for this type of folk art in German is “Freundschaftsbrief” or friendship brief.

This celebrates is addressed “To My heart-beloved Girlfriend,” and was a gift of friendship given by one woman to another.

The border is finely decorqted with papercut angels, roses, hearts, bouquets and vines, all handpainted with watercolor.

The message was made to be folded and sent, hence the crease down the center.

The letter is signed as follows:

“May your happiness bloom like the spring
and may our friendship and love remain true and undying as our souls.

“As a sign of love and friendship in the Year 1856”

Elisabeth Garbur
(or possibly Gerbur, or Garbor).

The message above reads in part:

In the text, Elisabeth wishes her girlfriend happiness, health and joy and that God should look over her and lift her soul if her appointed hour comes