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Jean Souverbie – Woman in a Yellow Gown Bearing a Basket of Fruit

Jean Souverbie

(Born March 21, 1891 in Boulogne-Billacourt, Died February 1981)

Woman in a Yellow Gown  bearing a Basket of Fruit

As a young man, Jean Souverbie met Maurice Denis and Paul Serusier, who inspired him to take up a career as an artist. He was influenced in turn by the Nabis and by Cubism, but the uniqueness of Souverbie’s style is the classical spirit he brought to his work. He is best known for his idealized female nudes.

This work is signed on the reverse on the canvas frame (see last photos below).

Canvas Dimensions: 38 X 46 cm
Dimensions including Frame: 56 x 64 cm