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Jean Louis Marne: A Village in Brittany, Original Watercolor

Jean Louis Marne

(1754 Brussels, Belgium –
1829 Battignolles, France)

A Town in Brittany

17.8 x 22.3 cm

Watercolor on paper, framed under glass in antique gilt frame

Texts on reverse provide bio of the artist and title of the work

The Brussels born painter Jean Louis Marne (Demarne), known as Marnette or Demarnette, moved to Paris at the age of 11 and spent most of his life there. He began as a landscape painter, but then turned to landscapes, in particular harbor and market scenes.

His works can be found in major museums, across France including several pieces in the Louvre, and paintings in the collections of the cities of Lyon, Dijon, Avignon, Bordeaux etc.

During his lifetime, Demarnette was able to make a good living selling his work, especially to Russian clientelle. The Hermitage Museum has ten of his works in its collection.

Condition: There is some spotting of the sheet, as can be seen in these images.