Ernst Egli – Three Limited Edition Lithographs by Swiss Abstract Artist

Ernst Egli

(1912 Müllheim – 1999 Winterthur)

Ernst Egli was one of the earlier artists working in Switzerland to turn to abstraction. Early in his career, inspired by his left-leaning political sympathies, he painted figurative works often featuring subjects from the life of ordinary working people, farmers and construction workers. AFter a stay in Paris during the 1950s, he turned to more abstract works, often based on plants, gardens and organic forms from the natural world.

Egli worked in a variety of media – engravings, murals, tapestries and ceramics. During the 1930 and 40s he also worked in the theater as a set designer.

Set of three large limited edition lithographs, signed and numbered by the artist in pencil. From an edition of 110 copies.

Dimensions of Full Sheet: 92 X 62 cm (including margins)
Image size: 50 cm square