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Cuzco School: Virgin Mary – 1826 – Painting on Wood

Madonna Surrounded by Miracles

19th Century Ecole de Cuzco retablo on wood.

Painting of crucifix on reverse.

The figure of the madonna is surrounded by three ex voto style scenes of miracles at which she appears to rescue or give solace to the victim.

The reverse is a dark and somewhat frighting vision of a cross, with a figure from a religious brotherhood in a hooded cape on one side, and a woman attacked by a devil on the other.

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Dimensions: 8.5 X 11 inches (Approx 21 X 28 cm)

Below: Reverse side of same painting

Detail of Madonna


Below: Detail from Lower Right

Below: Detail of text on bottom Maria no castana mayor domod …?
Senora ano (?) 1826

Below: Detail of back – a devil attacks a woman by a cross