Works made in Switzerland or created by a Swiss artist.

Margo Veillon

Margo Veillon (1907-2003) Margo Veillon was born in Egypt, the daugher of a successful Swiss businessman who ran an import-export

Egbert Moehsnang

Egbert Moehsnang Original Engraving Figures Egbert Moehsnang was born in 1927 in Amberg, Germany.   He moved to Bern, Switzerland in

Albert Merz – Noah’s Ark

Albert Merz (Born in 1942 in Unterägeri, Switzerland) Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark) 1985 Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper Albert Merz

Works by Cuno Amiet

Cuno Amiet Cuno Amiet was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, the son of a historian and was apprenticed at the age