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Alois Trieb – WWI Period Pastel (Sold)

Autumn Landscape

Alois Trieb (1888 – 1917)

Original pastel and colored pencil
A Soldier leads his family down a path, away from a church.

There is an atmosphere of slight anxiety in this WWI period piece. The family appears to be in a hurry, and the woman casts a glace back up the path towards the church. Perhaps there has been the sound of gunfire in the distance, or the father must return to military duty. The peace of an autumn Sunday has been shattered by the war.

Signed A. Trieb and dated 1916 or 1910 (?) – see photo below.

There is a text on the back which we find difficult to read (see last photo below). It identifies the piece of as the work of Alois Trieb, who was born in 1888 in Elberfeld, Germany, and whose work can be seen in the museum in Wuppertal. According to the note on the artist was killed in 1917 in Romania. (We believe it says 1917, but could also be 1947).

Dimensions: 15 X 21 inches ( 38 X 53 cm)

Condition: Sheet has browned lightly. Otherwise very good.

There is a fragment of another larger sketch in pen and ink ont he back