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1714 View of Basel, Bale, Copperplate Engraving

1714 View of Basel / Bale

View of the Pont du Rhin in Basel, and the walkway behind the Cathedral.

Beautiful copperplate engraving from the 1714 Work Les délices de la Suisse, une des principales Républiques de l’Europe, published in Leiden.

The author of the work, Abraham Ruchat, was a theologian and historian. His written works include a history of the Canton of Vaud and of the Reformation in Geneva. Ruchat was the pastor of Aubonne, and later became the first pastor of the town of Rolle.

Text reads: Vue fort agreable du Pont du Rhin a Bale dúne partie de la Cathedrale, de la belle terrasse quiest au deveant, au bord du Rhin.

Signed: E.e. lower right.