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Swiss Bride and Groom from the Valais Region

Loeschenthal Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom from the Loetschenthal

Early 20th Century

A couple from the Loetschenthal region of the Valais.

Dimensions: 51 X 38 (Around 15 X 20 inches)



Die Schweizer-Trachten vom XVII-XIX Jahrhundert nach Originalien

1897-1898, Zurich

Julie Heierli (author) and by Rudolf Ganz (photographer)

Full Sheet: Approx: 56.5 x 42.5 cm -  22 x 17 inches

This engraving comes from an extraordinary set of images from “Die Schweizer-Trachten vom XVII-XIX Jahrhundert nach Originalien” by Julie Heierli (author) with photos by Rudolf Ganz.

The original illustrated publication contained  36 large format plates of Swiss costumes in chromophotogravure.  The original photos were taken in March 1896 at the costume festival (fête du costume suisse) of the cercle d’Hottingen in Zurich.  Julie Heierli, an ethnologist born to Swiss parents in San Francisco in 1859, was  a leader in initiating the study of Swiss traditional costumes.  She is the author of the reference book:  Die Volkstrachten der Schweiz (The Folk Costumes of Switzerland).  Heierli was also responsible for the  collection de costumes in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich and provided advice to the Museum of History in Bern.

Published in Zurich by Zürich, Brunner & Hauser, 1897-1898.

References: About Julie Heierli