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Richard Flockenhaus – The Shoemaker

Richard Flockenhaus

The Shoemaker

Richard Flockenhaus was born in 1876 in Forst, Germany and attended the Royal School of Art in Berlin (Königliche Kunstschule) and the Academy in Amsterdam.

He first began making woodblocks in the 1930s, and created some of his best work in this medium. This woodblock of a shoemaker dates to 1936.

Dimensions: 13.5 X 17.5 inches

Richard Flockenhaus

Juni 23, 1876, Forst (Germany) - July 3, 1943, Berlin-Steglitz

Richard Flockenhaus was a German artist who was particularly well known for his striking and expressive woodcuts. He studied art at the Königlichen Kunstschule in Berlin and the Academy in Amsterdam.

Drafted into military service with the outbreak of WWI, he was a soldier on the front in the 1916 Battle of the Somme. The experience of war was a defining experience which deeply influenced his art.

After the war, Flockenhaus turned away from painting and concentrated on engraving, and in particular the dramatic lines of the woodcut. He also designed the windows of the Birkenwerder church.

His birthplace Forst (Lausitz) dedicated an exhibition to the artist on the 60th Anniversary of his death.

Shoemaker Woodcut by Flockenhaus