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Perspective View – Chinese Temple – 18th Century Engraving

Chinese Temple – Vue d’Optique

Title on Engraving: “Vue d’un Temple Chinois – Le Grande Kia-cheu de la Chine, ou Temple des dieux, prepare pour le Sacrifice soemnel, que les Chinois celebrent pour leur Ancetres, le 14 de la Lone dÁoust, on y voit les portraits des defunts….etc”

This handcolored copperplate engraving dates to the late 18th Century (circa 1780 or 1790).
Probably imagined by someone who had never been in China, the architecture looks more like French Baroque!

Dimensions: 20.5 X 14 inches

Condition: Some light soiling and spotting of sheet.

Vue D'Optiques

Late 18th & Early 19th Century

Perspective Views (Also: Optical print, vue perspective, vue d’optique or in German, Guckkastenblättern) were meant to be seen with a special viewer or Zograscope to enhance the three dimensional effect. They were very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. They were designed according to strict principles of linear perspective, with a distant object placed in the center of the print, as is the case with this example.

Viewed through a special “machine,” the three dimensional effect was enhanced. The colors of these wonderful old prints are often bright and naive, as for children’s illustrations. Traveling vendors — who went around to fairs offering views of the images through the Optical Machine for a few pennies — often did the handcoloring themselves, so it tends to be a bit rough compared with other period engravings. In our view this adds to the charm of these pieces!