Circa 1800 Map of Scotland by Joseph von Reilly

Das Koenigreich Scotland Nr 86
Circa 1800 map of Scotland with wonderful detail and hand coloring.

Franz Joseph Johann von Reilly
Schauplatz der fünf Theile der Welt
Mapmaker also known as: Joseph von Reilly / abbr. F. J. v. Reilly
Publisher: Reilly, Vienna
Dimensions: Most maps from this work measure 35 x 27.5 cm

In the late 18th Century, cartographer Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly embarked on a project to publish a multi-volume atlas of the entire world entitled  Schauplatz der fünf Theile der Welt (published in several editions between zwischen 1789 und 1806).   Over 800 maps of Europe were created, however the Napoleonic Wars proved to be an obstacle to completing the third part of the atlas, which was to have been dedicated to the other regions of the world.  Von Reilly’s maps were sought after for their accuracy and detail.

In addition to being a mapmaker, Joseph von Reilly was was also an art dealer, author and publisher.  He was born in 1766, the son of court master John Reilly, and died in 1820 in Vienna.  His other major work was: Grosser Deutscher Atlas

These maps have a distinctive format, somewhat smaller than most maps of the period. Most measure 35 x 27.5 cm.