Gustav Stettler – Twilight

Gustav Stettler
Born 1913 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern - Died in 2005

The painter and engraver Gustav Stettler taught art in Basel and was a co-founder of the Basel Artists Association known as "Kreis 48" whose artists were known for the existential themes in their work. He is one of the group of artists in Basel known as the "Basler Graumaler" - Gray Painters of Basel.

The title of this work is difficult to read, but we believe it is “Dämmerung” or “Twilight.” It is dated (19)49.

 Signed by the artist and numbered 16 out of 50. It is annotated “Kaltnadel radierung” (dry point or point seche engraving).

Dimensions: 19.5 X 15.75 inches (full sheet)