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Fritz Hug – Little Lamb – Original Oil (Sold)

Fritz Rudolf Hug

(1921 Dornach – 1989 Zürich)

Original oil painting by the famous Swiss painter of animals, Fritz Hug

Fritz Hug was born in 1921 in Dornach near Solothurn, Switzerland and spent part of his childhood in Java.  His art studies took him to many different regions of Europe as well as to Africa. While in Africa in 1950-51 he worked with Dr. Albert Schweitzer at Lambarene, Hospital in Gabon.

From 1967 until his death in 1989, Fritz Hug produced a number of works on behalf of the World Wide Fund for nature showing endangered species of animals and birds.

Dimensions: 15 X 18 cm
Attractively framed

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Friz Hug Lamb