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Fashionable Women of Bern by Alexander Muellegg

Women of Bern – original watercolor by Alexander Muellegg. Women of all walks of society, including a can-can girl, a modern elegant young women, and two dignified more traditional women… showing the different fashions of the early 20th Century.

Original watercolor

29.5 x 50.5 cm

Alexander Müllegg

1904 – 1983 Bern, Switzerland

Also known as: Alexander Muellegg

Alexander Müllegg was a Bernese painter and illustrator who is best known for his depictions of the elegant women of Bern during the 1930s and 40s as well as soft toned landscapes of the region around Bern, Switzerland.  He was a friend of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  Muelleg’s works were regularly exhibited in the German regions of Switzerland during his lifetime, including an exposition in Bern in 1946 where his works were featured alongside the work of the French Nabis painter Edouard Vuillard.