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Three Old Master Engravings of Animals by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder

Exceptionally rare 16th century series of engravings of animals -both fantastic and real by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder published by Euerardus Hoefwinckel in 1583.

The three separate three engravings  have been permanently mounted sometime in the past on a single sheet of old paper.

The text on the top most image reads:  Animalium quadrupedum omnis generis verae et artificiosissimae delineationes

(Depictions of Four footed animals of all types both real and imaginary)

The credits in Italian read: pitore Marco Gerardo Brugense  excudebat Antwerpie Euerdus Hoefwinckel Anno 1583.

Condition: Permamently mounted on another sheet of paper. Several small missing areas, and spotting and as shown.  Strong impressions which are remarkably clear and crisp given their age.

References: The Rijksmuseum has a series of these engravings in its collection