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The Lord’s Prayer – Set of Seven 19th Century Engravings (Sold)

The Lord’s Prayer – Vater Unser

This extraordinary series of handcolored copperplate engravings from the early 19th Century (probably circa 1830) illustrate the Lord’s Prayer (in German: Vater Unser) by accompanying it by a moral story easy to comprehend for people living during a time when conflicts were raging across the continent of Europe.

These rare and beautiful prints come from the estate of the well known Swiss collector of Kaspar Christen.

They were published in Nuernberg by Fr. Campe.

Please click on each of the thumbnail images to see an enlargement!

Dimensions: Each print measures Around 7.5 X 10.5 inches (26 X 18 cm)

Condition: Some light toning. The third print has a light brown discoloration streak, but not very conspicuous, and the last print has a few small old worm tracks.