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Charles Rogino – Plump Singer Takes Flight (Sold)

Original 1920s
Watercolor Caricature

Charles ROGINO – Signed “C. Rogino” and dated 1923.

The text reads:

“Impatients d’avoir des ailes, Nous voltigeons vers l’infini…” (Delmet)


“Impatient to have wings, we fluttered towards infinity.”

We are not certain of the reference. These may be words from a song by the French songwriter Paul Delmet.


Charles Rogino


Also known as: Ch. Rogino

Charles Rogino was born in the quarter of Lyon known as  Maisons Neuves in 1892 or 1893 (citations vary).  At the age of 22, he was mobilized as soldier to Verdun, where he sketched with his fellow soldiers with affection and humor. After the war he worked as an illustrator and was published in publications including  Guigno, Lyon Républicain, La Baïonnette. Together with Félix Benoît, he founded the group “humoristes lyonnais.” Between 1939 and 1963 he ran a cafe and tobacco shop (café-tabac) in the quartier de Charpieu in Lyon called “Le Pied de Vigne.”

Among Rogino’s published works is the illustrated booklet “Les 7 Nains et La Belle Amandine” (Amandine and the 7 drarfs) published in Lyon by Editions du Puits-Pelu.  He frequently illustrated music cover sheets, including one for La Marseillaise.

References:  Article in Le Progrès about an exhibit of his WWI drawings at the Le Pied de Vigne Tabac (Tobacco shop) he founded in Charpieu, Lyon, which was later run by his granddaughter: https://www.leprogres.fr/rhone/2015/11/11/les-dessins-de-rogino-ancien-soldat-exposes-au-pied-de-vigne