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Rescue by St. Bernard Dogs in an Alpine Pass – Antique Engraving

Hospice du St. Bernard

The Hospice de Saint Bernard on the Col de Saint Bernard has been famous for centuries for its St. Bernard dogs and the rescue of travelers who come across misfortune in crossing the alps.

This 19th Century handtinted lithograph shows St. Bernard dogs leading a rescue team to a woman who has fallen into an icy crevice.

Title: “Hospice du St. Bernard”

The St Bernard Pass (Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard, Colle del Gran San Bernardo) is the most oldest passage through the Western Alps. It was used by the Romans, and famously by Napoleon’s army when he crossed into Italy in 1800. The pass is named named after Saint Bernard of Menthon.

Dimensions – Image size: 5.5 X 3.75 inches (14 X 9.5 cm)
Full sheet size: 8.5 X 6 inches (21.5 X 14.5 cm)




Hospice St. Bernard