Fine Art

Paul-Andre Robert – Red Admiral or Vulkan Butterfly on an Aster Flower

Original watercolor painting by Swiss artist Paul-Andre Robert showing a red admiral butterfly – (Vanessa atalanta, Le Vulcain, Admiral, or Vulkan) alighting on a Aster amellus, the Berg-Aster or Michaelmas-daisy.

Millions of Red Admirals, known in Switzerland as Vulcains or Vukans, cross through Switzerland each year during their 3000 km migration between Scandinavia and southern Europe.  Some also reproduce in Switzerland, where they are associated with the common nettle plant, or spend the winter here in the wooden crevices of old homes, or in cracks in trees.

Paul-André Robert (1901-1977) was a Swiss artist and illustrator of flowers and wildlife.  He was born in the Bienne region and was part of a well-known Swiss artist’s family, the son of Leo-Paul Robert, and brother of Philippe Robert.  He illustrated multiple works on birds, mushrooms and insects.

His publications include: Les insectes, 1936-37, Les libellules, 1958, and Flore et Végétation des Alpes 1956-59.