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Louttre B – Bigarreaux a l’eau de vie de lie – Original Engraving (Sold)

Louttre B – Marc-Antoine Bissiere

Marc-Antoine Bissiere was born in Paris in 1926, the son of the well known artist Roger Bissiere (1888-1964), who knicknamed him “loutre” (Otter). The two worked for many years side by side. The younger artist adopted the name to distinguish himself from his father and establish his own identity.

Louttre B developed a unique print-making technique of combining woodblock and copperplates to achieve a three dimensional sculptural effect. These marvelous large format engravings stand off the page in light relief.

Louttre B eschewed the pure abstraction of his father for a more figurative style, which he called “figuration allusive”. He also created sculpture, stained glass windows, and tapestries.

Bigarreaux a L’Eau de Vie de Lie

(Bigarreaux Cherries in Brandy)
Signed in pencil by the Artist Lower Right and dated [19]73.

 Eau-de-Vie de Lie is an Eau-de Vie distilled from the lees of grape debris and yeast left in a wine barrel after fermentation has ceased.

 Dimensions: 26 x 28 cm (full sheet)
18 x 18.5 engraved image

 Perfect for a provencal style French country kitchen.