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Animated Scene with Chalet at the Reichenbach Falls (SOLD)

German 19th Century oil
on Canvas

Landscape on the Swiss Alps with the the Reichenbach falls int he background. In the foreground, a gentleman visits with two girls in traditional costume. A lady in a yellow hat (an early tourist) is led on horseback to the falls by a gentleman.

The Reichenball Waterfall, located in the Bernese Oberland is a popular tourist destination. It’s fame was increased in the late 19th Century when Arthur Conan Doyle had his fictional hero, Sherlock Holmes, fall to his death there.

Oil on Wood

Painting Dimensions: 22 X 32 (8.5 x 12.5 inches)
Dimensions in Frame: 37 X 45 cm (15.5 X 17.5 inches)

Wonderful Antique Frame.

Condition: One small smudge or stain the sky