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Alexander Leo Soldenhoff – Mother Nursing Her Baby

Alexander Leo Soldenhoff

Born in 1882, Carouge, Geneva - 1951 Zurich

Also known as: Alexander Leo von Soldenhoff

Alexander Leo Soldenhoff was the son of a Polish noble family that settled first in Carouge, Geneva and later in Zurich. He began the study of art in Zurich with Hermann Gattiker and was also influenced by a stay in Paris from 1902-1905.

His first exhibitions and first successes were in Germany, and he moved to Frankfurt-am-Mein where he was also active in theatre set design.

During the 1920s, Soldenhoff attempted to develop a unique tailless aircraft design. His first powered aircraft flew in 1927. His Model S5 airplane can be seen in Lucerne's transport museum. But the aircraft venture failed financially, and Soldenhoff eventually returned to the pursuit of art. He spent his last years in Ascona, Switzerland.Soldenhoff's works are representated in major collections in Switzerland and beyond. He is listed in the Benezit.

Beautiful Engraving of a Mother Nursing her Child