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19th Century Oil – La Tour de Bellecombe, Haute Savoie (SOLD)

Paysage de Savoie, L’Arve, pre de la Tour de Bellecombe

19th Century Oil on Canvas

Beautiful arcadian landscape with cattle and a small stone bridge in the forground, and the alpes (apepars to be Mont Blanc and the Mole) int he background. The ruins of the Tour de Bellecombe can be seen to the left at the river’s edge under hte trees.

Dimensions: 40 X 60 cm (16 X 23.5 inches)

The Tour de Bellecombe
During the 13th and 14th Centuries, the powerful Counts of Faucigny (House of Savoy) built a series of fortresses (Chateau Fortes) along the Arve river to defend themselves against possible attack by their neighbors from Geneva. The tour of the fortess at Faucigny was tall enough that Geneva could be seen from the top.