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St. Arnoulf

Raphael Sadeler after Marten de Vos

Saint Arnulf of Metz (Arnulphus)
as a Hermit

Engraving circa 1600 by Raphael Sadeler I (1560 Antwerp – 1632 Munich) from the series of engravings of Hermits “Oraculum Anachoreticum” after drawings by Marten de Vos.

17 X 21 cm (plate)

Condition: Cut to edge of platemark and mounted on old paper.

Saint Arnulf of Metz was born into a Frankish family sometime around 580 and became the Bishop of Metz. He retired as a monk and was canonized as a saint after his death.

Annotated: Vos fig R. Sadeler sculpsit