St. Bernard Lake – from Zurlauben’s Topography

Vue du Lac au Pied de L’Hospice du St. Bernard

 Dessine d’une des fenetres de la Maison
(Drawn from one of the Windows of the House)

 Copperplate Engraving from Baron Zurlauben’s topography published around 1780.

 Dessine par Besson, grave par Le Veau

 In addition to the title, the other texts below the image read as follows. Interestingly the spots described are annotated by the number of birds flying above them.
Le Drossa

Le Pain de Sucre
Ruine dún Temple de Jupiter au pied du Drossa est une petite colomne qui marque les limites du Valais et du Piemont. Il y avait les restes de Glace le 3 Aoust 1777. (The image on which the engraving is based was drawn on August 3, 1777.

 Dimensions: Sheet including margins measures around 50 X 31 cm. Platemark size is approx. 24.5 x 36.5 cm.

Condition: The sheet is lightly toned throughout, with heavier toning, discoloration at the margins. Central image is cleaned. This piece will show off beautifully if matted to cover the margins (see last photo for discoloration in margins).

SanBernard-Lac SanBernard-Lac2